Stump Grinding

We Offer Stump Grinding Services Throughout Ottawa and the Surrounding Areas.

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stump grinder grinding a stump.

Common Reasons For Stump Grinding


Looks bad- Stumps take years to decompose. Don’t hesitate to remove any stumps on your and make your yard look sharp.


Dangerous – you can trip over stumps and cause serious injuries, be smart and remove them.


Disease’s – Stumps can harbour diseases that may harm your surrounding trees and plant


Pest –  a rotten stump can  attract insects that you don’t want near your house.

Wood chipper in the back of a truck.

Let Tree Cutting Branch Out Services do all the hard Job!

Remove tree stumps from your property will be a smart move. It sure leaves the yard looking nice.

We take pride in our work, providing timely and cost-effective solutions that bring up your property vlaue. We are fully insured, safety is our concerned.  Ready to roll out anywhere in Ottawa. Get a free quote for stump grinding. Contact us today. 819-578-2040

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